Way to Go, Birds!

“Apparently the birds need encouragement,” my brother told Mom and me over the phone a couple of weeks ago. He then explained that his youngest, Victoria, had walked outside with him and, upon hearing the birds singing, said, “Way to go, birds! Keep up the good work.”

I’d been thinking similar thoughts recently when a cold snap interrupted our early spring. The nightly temps dipped into the teens, ruining the annual show of white flowers and fruit tree blossoms. I’d been worried about the birds, wondering if the cold had been too much for them. But from inside my warm house, I could hear them singing even louder than usual. It was as though they said, “Oh yeah, winter? We’ll show you!”

While March turned out to be cooler than February and April has yet to prove itself, the birds remain obstinate in my little corner of the good green Earth.

My spring heroes.

4 Responses

    • amy@amyharkemoore.com

      I know, right? Lately we seem to have a couple of pairs of cardinals playing in the yard, and they’re so striking against the bright green lawn (which needs mowing already)!

  1. Candace

    Love the artwork you’re creating! You know me, I’m bird crazy. I agree, it does seem like they were singing even louder. I worry about them all the time but natures takes care of her own.

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    • amy@amyharkemoore.com

      Thanks! Some of it is from Canva. They have great templates to use, and they have free options. The bird was a free image I doctored up in Paint. . . Can’t wait to check out what Vi’s up to today. Stopping by shortly. 🙂