Unlikely Friends

Unlikely friends, cow and pig.

My brother snapped this picture, probably a decade ago by now, from my cousin’s farm, adjacent to our property. (Part of the original farm our grandfather owned.) My cousin, who shall remain nameless to protect his reputation, was so embarrassed of these two unlikely friends who spent so much time together.

Unlikely friends, pig nursing from cow.

This picture reveals why they became friends. My guess is after her own calf was separated from her, she adopted the pig to nurse off her and be her new baby. So the cow got her mothering needs met and the pig enjoyed fine dining.

I have kept the pics all these long years because, upon seeing them, they still make me smile.


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    • amy@amyharkemoore.com

      They are cute, aren’t they? I keep thinking this would make a cute children’s book about friendship–Cow and Pig–of course without the nursing part. I wouldn’t want to cover that territory in a children’s book. 🙂