Unique Containers for Gardening

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Ah, summertime! So many things to love. Trips to the garden center and plant stands to find some bargains to bring home. And, once home, the challenge of which plants go together and in what pot. Most of my flowers are displayed in containers, some functional, some decorative, and some creative (cheap). And while each container serves a purpose, the creative—cheap—ones are some of my favorites. Finding unique containers for gardening isn’t difficult. You just need to think outside the box. (Or container, that is.)

Unique containers for gardening.

It’s been a while since this charcoal grill has seen a steak. Nowadays it holds a bunch of colorful coleus.

Even the lid has been put into service, with the addition of begonias.

Unique containers for gardening.

This gives new meaning to the word pot. An old cheapie sauce pan I previously used for making candles has become a home for marigolds.

Unique containers for gardening.

These old dairy parlor boots of mine are serving a new purpose—host to trailing vinca.

Unique containers for gardening.

The holes which made them unwearable years ago make them perfect as a planter.

Unique containers for gardening.

We inherited this ice cream maker from Hubs’ mother years ago with the intention of actually churning ice cream, but the parts were broken, so it sat. That is until I persuaded Hubs to drill some holes in the bottom. I love to plant grasses in it.

Unique containers for gardening.

These are my creative and cheap containers that I love. I hope to acquire more in the future, but until then I’ll be on the lookout for any old serviceable containers I can press into service to hold my flowers.

Do you have any unique containers for gardening? Share them with me in the comments.

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  1. Patsy Reiter

    I love the unique gardening containers. You’ve given me some great ideas. Enjoy. Patsy Reiter

    • amy@amyharkemoore.com

      Oh, I’m glad! Let me know what you come up with. 🙂