Little Red Wagon

Little Red Wagon--a poem.

Little Red Wagon


Every kid of that generation
owned one.

Little red wagon
“Radio Flyer.”

Made of sturdy metal
great for hauling:


You don’t see those
flyers much anymore.

Today’s wagons are plastic,
soft edges, soothing colors.

They don’t make kids or wagons
the way they used to.

2 Responses

  1. calensariel

    I remember vividly one of the last times I saw a Radio Flyer being pulled down the street. It was the day the twin towers came down. I’d hauled our portable TV from home in so we could watch what was happening at work, but I had to leave to take the deposit to the bank. I went the back way to avoid the traffic, but as it turned out, every street was just empty. Except as I was driving down one street there was a man (I’m presuming the dad) pulling a little girl in a Radio Flyer. I remember thinking at that moment that our lives here in the US would never be that innocent again — the innocence that little wagon symbolized…

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      That is such a cool story, Calen! Thanks for sharing it! I know what you mean about that particular wagon and the innocence it represents. Plus, and you’ll appreciate this, how many of those classic tv shows you and I love so much had some kid pulling one of those wagons. I’m thinking of Opie pulling the wagon (I’m guessing it was a Radio Flyer) full of meat because Aunt Bea bought a bunch of cheap meat and then her freezer broke. 🙂

      I hope you shared that story about the Radio Flyer with other folks. Very poignant.