Golden Beans, Whacked-out Weather, and Other News Fresh From the Farm

Inside: When beans turn to gold, what’s up with the weather, and announcing the 7 Day Decluttering Challenge.

Golden beans whacked-out weather.
Golden fields all around me as the beans are turning.

When Beans Turn to Gold

For whatever reason, yellow seems to be this year’s theme color here at the farm. But I’m not talking some sickly yellowish hue. Rather, I’m talking about a vibrant lovely color that grabs your attention. Makes you pause a moment at the beauty all around you. Earlier this year I had such a treat when the sunflowers bloomed, and now the bean fields around home are so . . . bright yellow. I’ve been around soybeans all my life, have seen 52 summers of them, yet this year, for some reason, the fields are so golden, and they seem to roll on and on into the distance.

Why is that?

Maybe the unique temperatures and rainfall patterns have something to do with it. Or maybe farmers are growing a particular variety that turns this way. Or maybe I am more aware as I seek out these picture postcard snapshots from home to share with you.

Maybe the point is there’s beauty all around us if we (I) only take the time to notice. And be thankful for it.

What’s Up with the Weather?

Somewhere between summer and fall–sumfall!

So in the previous long and winding post with news from the farm I talked about all those signs of fall. Then we get this mini heat wave–temps soaring into the 90s. Those days when you’re having to turn on the air conditioner–sigh–and I’m scratching my head. Hey, jet stream, didn’t you read my post? Weather guys and gals–err, I mean meteorologists–didn’t you get the memo?

But it’s got me to thinking of a combination season. Part summer. Part fall. Fummer. Or maybe sall? No, that doesn’t work. Perhaps a pairing with autumn instead, like sautumn–except that kind of sounds like a place of wickedness and debauchery. How about autsummer? No, that reminds me of a disease. Autumn, you’re out.

Okay, so maybe fallsum? Did Johnny Cash sing there? Let’s try sumfall instead. Yeah, that’s the pick of the litter. And it makes a good pun, too, as in “some fall.” Sumfall, that works, and if you slap a “2017” behind, it sounds like an actual event. Sumfall 2017— complete with spandex-wearing 80s cover band and booths selling turquoise jewelry and rosemary goat milk soap. I can smell the kettle corn now. . .

So make the most of these remaining hot-cold, confusing days. Remember, sumfall only comes but once a year!

Announcing the 7 Day Decluttering Challenge

I’m giving you fair warning. Sunday we start our 7 Day Decluttering Challenge, so get ready! The challenge? Get rid of 250 items–either give away or throw away–in 7 days. Ambitious, yes, but I did say challenge. You might be wondering why now and not, say, January? Truth time: I had this on my list of goals for this year. And while not wanting to inflict pain on any of you, I figure you can either join in or simply tune in to see what happens. Will Amy make her goal or retreat to a corner of the closet, babbling incoherently? Will her house be more manageable? Will her husband secretly rent a storage unit to stash his stuff? Or maybe camp out there until it’s over? Tune in Sunday for Day 1 of the 7 Day Decluttering Challenge!

I’ll post a reminder plus rules for the challenge on Saturday.

7-Day Decluttering Challenge.
Getting in the mood for the 7-Day Decluttering Challenge.

How about you? Will you join in or tune in or both? Confess in the comments!

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