Faith, Farm, and Family

Faith, farm, and family.
Victoria, Cora, and Silas enjoying the view from the top of the tractor tires. Picture courtesy of Ricci Harke.

Nothing compares to growing up on a farm.

As a kid, I had the run of acres and acres of land, animals to cuddle and contend with, cousins to explore the woods with or make hay tunnels in the lofts. Mom and Dad were always nearby, as well as uncles if I needed anything. The farm was a playground paradise–with a little imagination. And there was no better place for a game of hide-and-seek.

As an adult, I thrive in the solitude, growing corn and tomatoes, zinnias and marigolds in my garden, taking walks through the fields, watching the seasons come and go in all their splendor.

Farm life has suited me well.

But without family, the farm wouldn’t be nearly as rich. People to share the good life with, to lean on, to love. This farm is full of memories–good times, hard times. Perseverance. Contentment. Togetherness.

Likewise, without faith, there would be no farm or family because the Giver has been good to us. These are His abundant, marvelous, and downright audacious gifts. He’s given us the good times, helped us through the hard times. With Him we’ve persevered, learned gratefulness and contentment. Together.

Faith, farm, and family–my three ingredients for a happy life on the good green Earth we share.

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      Cool to grow up in a rural area! So would that also be a reflection of your home page pic? The woods always feels so mysterious to me, like adventure beckons!