The 12 Posts of Christmas, Day 12: Reflections

Inside: The Christmas season swoops down upon us each year, dominating our lives for a short while, and with it come memories, like snapshots. Here’s a glimpse at some of mine. Christmas 2017 ** Shops started playing Christmas music mid-November, … Continued

The 12 Posts of Christmas, Day 11: It’s Okay to Say ‘Merry Christmas’

Inside: As we celebrate Christmas Eve, it only makes sense to say “Merry Christmas.” The greeting has been around for centuries, and it still works today.     In a letter dated December 22, 1534, John Fisher wrote Thomas Cromwell, … Continued

The 12 Posts of Christmas, Day 10: Simple Ornaments

Inside: So you need a craft the kids can help with to curb some of their yuletide enthusiasm. Lucky for you we’re not finished playing with sticks! Come see what else we’ve created.  Simple Ornaments Guest post by Ann Harke … Continued

The 12 Posts of Christmas, Day 9: Tortilla Cinnamon Rolls

Inside: Need a quick snack that can double as dessert? You’ll like this easy cinnamon roll-like recipe that takes only five ingredients and five minutes to bake. Okay here is my disclaimer. These don’t taste “exactly like cinnamon rolls.” But … Continued