Taking End of Season Garden Notes

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Inside: The best way to prepare for next year is by taking end of season garden notes. Evaluate your garden with these simple tips. *This post contains affiliate links. It’s late fall, and one important task remains on my to-do … Continued

How to Prepare Your Strawberry Plants for Winter

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Inside: When nighttime temperatures dip into the lower 20s, it’s time to revisit the garden, preparing strawberry plants for winter. Read on to find out how.  Normally by this time in November, I’m heading out to my strawberry bed to … Continued

How to Save Flower Seed

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Inside: While it might seem like an old-fashioned practice, learning how to save flower seed is not only frugal but sensible. Read on to find out how. *This post contains affiliate links. With frost behind us, it might seem like … Continued

How to Dry Herbs

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Inside: Quaint, isn’t it? There is something so homespun about herbs bundled and hanging from the mantle. Learn how to dry herbs the simple way. Guest post by Ann Harke My first experience with herbs was years ago, growing them … Continued