Building a Raised Garden 3 Ways

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Inside: Building a raised garden can be a good option for the home gardener, particularly when resources are limited. Growing up I was surrounded by gardening experts, especially my grandparents. They and everyone else in our area planted garden in much the same way–till up … Continued

Unique Containers for Gardening

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Ah, summertime! So many things to love. Trips to the garden center and plant stands to find some bargains to bring home. And, once home, the challenge of which plants go together and in what pot. Most of my flowers … Continued

My 3 Essential Tips for Growing Strawberries

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Growing strawberries didn’t come easy to me. I’ve been raising the June-bearing variety for about a decade now, and it’s only been the last several years that I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. The problem wasn’t with the berries but rather … Continued

Seedlings: The Sequel

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What a difference a week makes! While I ended up losing many of the previous seedlings, I was able to save most of the tomatoes and some cilantro. I also managed to learn a few things in the process. 1) … Continued

Leggy Seedlings: Don’t Let This Happen to You

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I was thinking of an alternative name for this post, like “Friends don’t let friends garden badly,” but the cautionary warning won out instead. These leggy seedlings look awful, don’t they? I’m embarrassed to even post this. I’ve been growing … Continued

My Adventures Growing Zinnias

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Last year I grew the most amazing zinnia bush ever. “Bush?” you say. Okay, I know that zinnias don’t grow as bushes, but this particular plant looked like one. I tried to contain it by using a tomato cage, and … Continued

Volunteers: A Silly Rhyme

Volunteers   Cheery sight these are to see though not planted by me.   Popping heads through soil not by my toil.   Reaching for sun the volunteers come.   Taking up space in the wrong place.   But I … Continued

Life is Like a Garden

I’ve learned much about life with a shovel in my hand, dirt under my fingernails. Planting a seed is a miraculous thing, and I never tire of watching the miracle unfold. It’s a story in the making. Setting: A garden … Continued