Simple Suppers: Roasted Chicken Thighs

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Inside: We’re updating another food post, so cue the lovely food photography and easy-to-make recipe as we bring you Simple Suppers: Roasted Chicken Thighs.  Hands down, this is one of my favorite suppers. I came upon it by accident, really. … Continued

Simple Suppers: Easy Pizza

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Inside: We’re starting a collection of simple suppers, Easy Pizza being our first recipe. It’s an update on a previous post, this time with pretty food pictures and printer-friendly recipe format. Enjoy! I’m starting a collection of simple suppers on … Continued

How to Soak Nuts

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Inside: How to soak nuts, an easy and healthy practice. Plus a new way to get my salt–a simple, addictive recipe for buttery salted nuts. I have dubbed August “DIY Summer Projects Month” here at the blog, and though it … Continued

Stay Cool with Water Infusions

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Inside: It’s a challenge to keep hydrated in the hot summer months. Stay cool with water infusions. Our DIY adventure will show you how. The Attempt For a while now I’ve been wanting to try some water infusion recipes, and when … Continued

5 Delicious Ways to Use Up Strawberries

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So it’s June and my strawberries have stopped bearing. (They’ve always been more May-bearing, actually.) It was a lovely harvest with plenty of fresh berries as well as a few gallons in my freezer for future use. The problem, if … Continued

4-Ingredient Simple Pizza

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This post has been updated! So I like having simple meals. The fact that this one is a quick four-ingredient recipe makes it ideal. This is a Friday night staple in our house. Mine is low carb, but yours doesn’t have to be … Continued

From my Kitchen to Yours

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THIS POST HAS BEEN UPDATED. I have a confession to make. While the kitchen is generally a place of warmth and comfort, I have a love-dislike relationship with cooking. Mostly I welcome the creative outlet. I like trying new recipes … Continued