Golden Beans, Whacked-out Weather, and Other News Fresh From the Farm

Inside: When beans turn to gold, what’s up with the weather, and announcing the 7 Day Decluttering Challenge. When Beans Turn to Gold For whatever reason, yellow seems to be this year’s theme color here at the farm. But I’m … Continued

When to Be Frugal, When to Be Foolish: An Unforgettable Anniversary

Inside: Most of the time it pays to be frugal, but occasionally a moment comes along too rich to pass up, when perhaps a bit of “foolishness” is in order.   Yesterday we celebrated our thirtieth wedding anniversary. Looking back … Continued

Slipping into Fall, Internet-less, and Other News Fresh From the Farm

Inside: The unmistakable hint of fall, surviving gracefully when your Internet is down, and an all-around trying week!    The Unmistakable Hint of Fall Summer, we hardly knew ye! Or at least that’s the way I feel on this end. … Continued

Starting the Long and Sentimental Project

Inside: As we approach Labor Day, starting the long and sentimental project seems like a fitting end to our DIY summer—and something to look forward to in the cool and crisp days ahead. Mom stopped by with a couple of … Continued

Totally Eclipsing, Ferry Rides, and Other News Fresh From the Farm

Inside: Catching the total eclipse, crossing the mighty Mississippi for the love of a peach, and a movie recommendation. *This post contains affiliate links. Catching the Total Eclipse Well the big news isn’t really news to many people, but it’s … Continued

Open Windows, Food Shoot, and Other News Fresh From the Farm

Inside: Enjoying life with my windows wide open, making my food look good, and my mini staycation. Enjoying Life with my Windows Wide Open Mid to late July gave us a stretch of miserable–albeit typical–summer weather with high 90s and … Continued

Wash Day in the Midwest

Inside: Today’s post is dedicated to my new friend Calen from Impromptu Promptlings. I met her during the A – Z Blogging Challenge, lured to her blog because of a shared love of classic television, and she’s been so supportive … Continued

My Yellow Horizon, Pickling, and Other News Fresh From the Farm

Inside: Sunflower fields forever, curry pickles kick off the canning season, and my new favorite thing.  Note: This post contains affiliate links. Sunflower Fields Forever For the past several weeks, whenever I walked out my front door, I’ve been treated to a yellow … Continued

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