Best Time of the Day

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Guest post from writer Patsy Reiter

Best time of the day. Morning coffee.Their chirps are alerting me that I’d better get moving. Rising early has never been an issue for me because it’s the best time of the day. Who on earth would want to miss the sunrise, cool crisp air, and sparkling dewy grass?

A quick peek in the mirror assures me that I have bedhead trauma. I carelessly run fingers through my hair. As the pre-programmed coffee perks, I pull on jogging pants and adjust them underneath my calf-length cotton nightgown. My nose follows the scent to the kitchen for my wake-up brew. A pinch of sugar substitute and half -n- half, and then I savor my first morning sip.

I rummage through the fridge for grape jam, boil a cup of water with sugar for the hummingbirds, and set it aside to cool. I slip my arms into a fleece then grab a mixing spoon and jar of jam. Placing my back against the screen door, I push my way outside.

I drop a gob of jam onto an orange plastic lid and rinse the memorial-given cement birdbath from my husband’s funeral clean before filling it with fresh water. Within seconds, a handsome male oriole is dipping into the jam, unthreatened by my presence.

Best time of the day. Male oriole.

Someone down south took good care of him or he’d be leery of me.

With arthritic hands, I struggle to pull the top off the black oil sunflower country seed mix and carry a full pail to the feeding station under the leaning pine tree. I hurry back inside for the cooled hummingbird mix and fill the bright red feeder.

I stop, breathe in deeply, raise my hands to heaven, assess my work, and then return to the house to freshen my coffee.

I reach for my devotional before shuffling out again to the wooden swing set. Needs a good power washing, I think before sitting down. I wiggle and twist until I find a comfortable resting position and pause before reading. Gazing above at the shards of light bursting through the red maple tree branches, I watch my feathered friends flitter about, swoop down for their breakfast, and harmonize thank you.

Patsy Reiter, author of Best Time of the Day.Patsy Reiter has been writing stories for children and adults for over fifteen years, with five credits in two e-zine magazines and a piece in the Genesee County Family Resource Guide. A Michigan native and member of SCBWI-MI and American Christian Fiction Writers, her inspiration is fueled by her grandchildren and an offbeat sense of humor. In 2009 she won first place for her e-zine story “The Necklace.” School visits and opportunities to inspire children are high on her agenda. She enjoys spending time with family and friends where ideas consistently sprout. Patsy has just completed her first inspirational novel.

6 Responses

  1. Debra Allard

    What a wonderful story. I could picture everything, and I also learned something. I never knew that birds like jam!! Thank you for the picturesque start to a beautiful day!!!


      Thanks for your comment, Debra. I will pass it on to Patsy. 🙂

  2. Beverly Robertson

    I’m impressed by the description of your morning and your enjoyment of the birds. I can really see you doing this.
    Good luck on future publications.


      Glad you stopped by, Bev! Thanks for your comment. I will pass it along to Patsy. 🙂

  3. Sally Dittman

    Wow! I’d like to be in on that morning sit with the birds. Keep up the good writing!!


      Thanks for your comment, Sally. 🙂 I will pass it along to my guest poster, Patsy Reiter, who wrote the wonderful piece.