About Amy

When tasked with the challenge of talking about myself, I hesitate, if I’m being honest. But one of the goals of this blog is connecting with like-minded folks, and in the spirit of making a proper introduction, here goes.

Hi, I’m Amy and I’m a farm girl at heart. Yes, I said girl, even though I turned fifty-one recently. I grew up on the same dairy farm that I live on today, minus the cows. Now it’s mostly crops with four horses, one shy of a dozen chickens, and one noisy rooster. I’m an introvert and don’t like crowds. I like books and reading, which makes sense as I write and edit for a living.

The Midwest is home, Missouri specifically. I love living in a rural area with small towns where people live and breathe and work and love and take care of each other. While I’ll visit my daughter in the big city, it’s always a relief to get home to the quiet. I like seeing an uncluttered horizon and breathing clean air, peppered mildly with the scent of large animals.

I love God, but this faith walk ain’t a piece of cake. Sometimes I wish it were. One of my most favorite things to be is simply Child of God.

So that’s me, but why this blog? On the practical side of things, I want to share recipes, my gardening experiments (I’m seasoned but still learning), and DIY projects. For the inspirational side, reflections on rural life.

When trying to sum up my thoughts for a tagline, a line from the song “Home on the Range” kept coming back to me—“where seldom is heard, a discouraging word.” I hope readers will come away feeling better about life. Feeling like they have renewed purpose. Feeling like there are still good people on this good green Earth we share.

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  1. calensariel

    Hey Amy! Welcome to a rural neighborhood in the blogosphere. You’ll fit right in here. So nice to me you. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for commenting. I’m looking forward to seeing how you decorate your place here! 😀 And thanks, too, for the follow. 😉

    A to Z Challenge Letter A

    • amy@amyharkemoore.com

      Thanks for the welcome, Calen! Yeah, looking a bit sparse around here. Still need to move in some furniture. BTW, do you know about METV? Between Antenna TV and METV, I get my classic tv fix. . . Looking forward to Monday’s question!


      • calensariel

        No, I haven’t heard of either of them. Going to have to do some research. Btw, my maiden name is Moore of the Ohio Moore clan. I wonder if there’s a connection there anywhere. His lordship and I just sent our DNA in to be done. Can’t wait to get it back! 😀

        • amy@amyharkemoore.com

          The Moore part comes from Hubs. He is from the Conway, Arkansas, Moore family. . . I did the DNA thing last year for my big 5-0, and it was pretty cool!

          • amy@amyharkemoore.com

            Yes, and it surprised me. I went through Ancestry and I ended up being 62% British, 28% Scandinavian, 5% Western Europe, 4% Irish, and 1% Iberian Peninsula. On my dad’s side, everybody is German, so I thought I’d see lots of Western Europe, but after following their explanation and the boundaries, it made sense as his family comes from Northern Germany, which is indicated under British as well. Also didn’t expect the Scandinavian at all. . . Fun stuff, though.

  2. Ann

    Love your blog!
    As Victoria said, “Keep up the good work.”