7 Day Decluttering Challenge: Day 2 – The Spare Bedroom

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Inside: Day 2 and I’m purging the spare bedroom, otherwise known as “the catchall” or my free version of a storage unit. Check in to see how I’m coping.

Decluttering challenge spare bedroom
In the interest of full disclosure, I decided to give you a peek at my spare bedroom. There’s actually a bed under those boxes. Really.

The spare bedroom. You know the place. The catchall. The room that houses your adult children’s storage boxes for that someday when they promise to pick them up. When an item doesn’t have a permanent home, it’s often banished to “the spare bedroom.” And, really, is there even a bed in there? Yes, Virginia, there is, but it’s covered with so much stuff you can’t see it. Even the cat has trouble finding a decent place to nap.

My assignment, should I choose to accept it, is to get rid of 25 items.

What types of throwaway items might you find lurking in the shadows of the spare bedroom?

  • piles of old magazines
  • stuff your adult children outgrew (tread carefully here)
  • objects spilled over from main closets
  • broken, unused, or outdated rejects from your entertainment center (VCRs, DVD players, gaming systems with old games)
  • books
  • boxes, wrapping paper, craft supplies
  • miscellaneous (Ever notice how there is always plenty of miscellaneous?)

So how did I do? I banished 25 items to an overflowing trash bag, which was promptly carried to the garbage can outside. Today that included old writing and d├ęcor magazines, a stack of fliers from about twelve years ago (yeah, I know), an old broken DVD player, a broken diffuser, and other miscellaneous small items. Admittedly, I didn’t make a huge dent in it, but I’m all about doing things “little by little.”

What’s up for tomorrow? Junk drawers. Tune in to see what I excavate!

What’s lurking in your spare bedroom? Confess in the comments.

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