7 Day Decluttering Challenge: Day 1 – Kitchen

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Inside: Day 1 and I’m working in the kitchen to get rid of items. First stop, the refrigerator, followed by the pantry. See how well I do.

7 Day Decluttering Challenge Kitchen
Yep, this is the inside of my refrigerator.

Today is kitchen day–isn’t every day? Well, while daily I’m working in my kitchen, it’s not often I’m purging stuff. I’ve committed to 25 items.

What types of things can you get rid of from the kitchen?

  • Expired food items from refrigerator or pantry.
  • Old spices.
  • Kitchen gadgets or appliances you don’t use.
  • Mismatched plates, cups, and saucers.
  • Cookbooks you don’t use.
  • Junk mail.

Today I surpassed my goal of 25 items for a total of 36, with a not-so-small stack of junk mail, an old jar of olives, old bottles of syrup and liquid smoke, dried up glue stick, and a cap to something.

A side note: I had to smile at the irony. Mom and I went to a little festival in Clarksville (but we didn’t take the last train) and browsed a small bookstore. So I ended up bringing two items back into the house. But only two.

So did you get rid of anything today? Tell us about it in the comments.

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