7 Day Decluttering Challenge: Day 3 – Junk Drawers

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Inside: Today’s decluttering challenge, junk drawers, is not without mystery. A motley assembly of odds and ends, from whence they came, who knows? Time to do battle with the junk! 

Decluttering challenge junk drawers
One of my junk drawers. Notice the army man? He’s been sent on a reconnaissance mission.

Junk drawers. We all have them–or, well, if you don’t, then please seek medical attention immediately!

You’ve seen one of mine. I have several more. Today will be a piece of cake–or, more likely, 25 pieces of junk. What types of things might you find taking up space in a junk drawer?

  • pencil stubs
  • pens with dried ink
  • markers, crayons
  • half used batteries
  • screws or nails from various projects
  • keys to who knows where
  • scraps of paper
  • tape, dried out glue sticks
  • paper clips, rubber bands
  • old pairs of glasses
  • plenty of miscellaneous

So how did I do? From the junk drawer pictured above, I threw out 31 items today, which included an old seed catalogue, lots of scraps of paper, old postcards, travel brochures, expired coupons, a planner from last year, and a flier.

Okay, team, you know the drill. Go open those drawers and throw away stuff! You can do it! Rah, rah, rah!

Stop by tomorrow for the grande-sized challenge when I attempt to throw away 100 papers.

What odd items might we find in your junk drawer? Tell us about it in the comments.

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