7 Day Decluttering Challenge: Day 6 – The Closet

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Inside: Today’s decluttering challenge takes place in the closet. Most homes have one or more of them–scary places, these are. You never know what you might find–or throw away. It’s 25 items–can I do it?

Decluttering challenge closet.
A tangle of wire hangers–enough to start a dry cleaning business. No, not my closet. Some things are better left to the imagination.

You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of outdated clothing and broken athletic equipment, but of framed family photos from the seventies. A journey into a chaotic  land of clutter. Next stop, the closet zone. . .

Okay, we’re at day 6, and I’m a little punchy. We’re almost to the finish line. Just another couple of laps. So today we turn to the closet–or rather we open the door and then quickly shut it again, only to open it and sigh. Big mess. Or maybe I’m thinking of mine. So what kinds of things can you find in a closet?

  • clothes and shoes (though we are focusing on this tomorrow)
  • old pictures and photo albums
  • Christmas décor
  • an abundance of wire clothes hangers
  • boxes of books
  • spare blankets and pillows
  • memorabilia
  • board games
  • used athletic equipment
  • miscellaneous (Again with the miscellaneous!)

So 25 items is my goal, and I was able to get rid of 36 things–some old cotton batting, a huge pile of old wire clothes hangers, old receipts, and scraps of wrapping paper. I barely put a dent in it, but at least I’ve started.

Tomorrow it’s on to the last category–clothes and shoes. So you might want to focus on other closet clutter than clothing. Tune in for Day 7 as we wrap up the decluttering challenge.

What’s hiding out in your closet? Tell us about it in the comments.

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