Starting the Long and Sentimental Project

Inside: As we approach Labor Day, starting the long and sentimental project seems like a fitting end to our DIY summer—and something to look forward to in the cool and crisp days ahead. Mom stopped by with a couple of … Continued

Making Folk Art Flowers

Inside: Looking for a craft project that is fun and easy with materials you likely have on hand already? Try making our folk art flowers. From start to finish, you’ll have these adorable beauties in only a few short hours.  … Continued

Totally Eclipsing, Ferry Rides, and Other News Fresh From the Farm

Inside: Catching the total eclipse, crossing the mighty Mississippi for the love of a peach, and a movie recommendation. *This post contains affiliate links. Catching the Total Eclipse Well the big news isn’t really news to many people, but it’s … Continued

How to Distress a Mason Jar

Inside: It’s another Ann and Amy’s DIY adventures as we tackle how to distress a mason jar. Stick with us–it’s pretty simple and you’ll love that farmhouse vibe. DIY summer projects month here at the blog continues as we take … Continued