Gardening Advice from a Thirty-year Greenhouse Veteran

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This greenhouse veteran is a farm woman, wife, and mother of four and grandmother to nine. She is my personal landscaping consultant, with a wealth of knowledge on a wide variety of subjects and a knack for dealing with plants … Continued

Hackberry Trees, Family Visits, and Other News Fresh From the Farm

Inside: When leaves fall off your hackberry tree in early summer, don’t panic. Plus bittersweet family visits over Father’s Day weekend and other observations. When Your Hackberry Tree Loses Its Leaves in Early Summer, Don’t Panic! A few weeks ago as … Continued

Building a Raised Garden 3 Ways

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Inside: Building a raised garden can be a good option for the home gardener, particularly when resources are limited. Growing up I was surrounded by gardening experts, especially my grandparents. They and everyone else in our area planted garden in much the same way–till up … Continued

Bucking Bales: A Family Tradition

This past week I surprised myself. After nearly two decades, I stood on top of a trailer load of hay, stacking square bales while my brother Vince and nephew Bradley tossed them to me. My sis-in-law Lisa was behind the wheel, … Continued