My Adventures Growing Zinnias

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Last year I grew the most amazing zinnia bush ever. “Bush?” you say. Okay, I know that zinnias don’t grow as bushes, but this particular plant looked like one. I tried to contain it by using a tomato cage, and … Continued


Note: Yackety-yak is from the A – Z Blogging Challenge Upon scouring the dictionary for possible Y-word topics, I found an interesting pattern. Quite a few words dealt with the topic of talking: Yak – to talk persistently and meaninglessly. Yammer … Continued

Xer: Talkin’ ‘Bout my Generation

I am an Xer as defined by being born between 1965 – 1979, though some demographers argue the range to be 1961 – 1981 because, when asked, those born after1960 typically self identify as Generation X. If I were making the rules, I’d say … Continued

Washin’ the Old Way

I found this in my files from roughly thirteen years ago when folks routinely forwarded little snippets of interest from around the Internet. I have no idea where it originated, but what follows here is the message exactly as I … Continued

Volunteers: A Silly Rhyme

Volunteers   Cheery sight these are to see though not planted by me.   Popping heads through soil not by my toil.   Reaching for sun the volunteers come.   Taking up space in the wrong place.   But I … Continued

Unlikely Friends

My brother snapped this picture, probably a decade ago by now, from my cousin’s farm, adjacent to our property. (Part of the original farm our grandfather owned.) My cousin, who shall remain nameless to protect his reputation, was so embarrassed of … Continued

Cultivating Thankfulness

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Confession time: I’ve never been great at keeping a journal. Just not my thing, even though I am a writer. But for more than a year and a half I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal. I started out doing something called … Continued

My Danish Sister

I lost a good friend to cancer last week—Andrea Heiberg. Having no sisters of my own, I called her my Danish sister. We met about ten years ago when she found my editing website. She’d been looking for an American … Continued

Little Red Wagon

Little Red Wagon   Every kid of that generation owned one. Little red wagon “Radio Flyer.” Made of sturdy metal great for hauling: rocks cats toys kids. You don’t see those flyers much anymore. Today’s wagons are plastic, soft edges, … Continued