My Adventures Growing Zinnias

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Last year I grew the most amazing zinnia bush ever. “Bush?” you say. Okay, I know that zinnias don’t grow as bushes, but this particular plant looked like one. I tried to contain it by using a tomato cage, and … Continued


Note: Yackety-yak is from the A – Z Blogging Challenge Upon scouring the dictionary for possible Y-word topics, I found an interesting pattern. Quite a few words dealt with the topic of talking: Yak – to talk persistently and meaninglessly. Yammer … Continued

Xer: Talkin’ ‘Bout my Generation

I am an Xer as defined by being born between 1965 – 1979, though some demographers argue the range to be 1961 – 1981 because, when asked, those born after1960 typically self identify as Generation X. If I were making the rules, I’d say … Continued

Washin’ the Old Way

I found this in my files from roughly thirteen years ago when folks routinely forwarded little snippets of interest from around the Internet. I have no idea where it originated, but what follows here is the message exactly as I … Continued