2 Links for Introverts and Detailed Thinkers

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2 Links for Introverts and Detailed Thinkers.

I came across this post today and wanted to share the love. It’s from Michael Hyatt, and the title says it all: “How Little Things Can Lead to Big Results.” Detailed thinkers, this one celebrates you!

Hubs sent me this article the other day (rural speak for anywhere from three days to six months ago), and I’ve been meaning to dig up the link: “12 Signs You’re an Introverted Extrovert.” I balked at the idea when he suggested I might be one. (He happens to be).

“Just read it,” he said. “You’re better with people than you think.”

Turns out I happened to have eleven of the signs. Who knew? Obviously he did!

How about you? Are you and introverted extrovert or detailed thinker? Leave me a comment.

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